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When you're not paying a higher cost for the installation of a durable new roof, why not do something for the environment as well? You can, and it doesn't cost you anything to do so. Here are a few environmental benefits we're proud to offer.


When you think about it, a typical 20,000 square foot tar and gravel roof is actually designed to generate 20 tons of waste at the end of each 15 year service life. When you consider the number of roofs replaced in Toronto alone, the numbers are staggering. An entirely sustainable Eco-Tech roof produces no waste, as each roof is carefully measured, manufactured and then installed over top of the existing roof. This eliminates costly tear-offs and prevents toxic materials from ending up in a landfill. Energy isn't wasted either. As a matter of fact, an Eco-Tech roof can actually save you up to 35% in heating and cooling costs altogether.


Tightly controlled manufacturing processes ensure that all scrap generated is recycled. Even a roof that is 30 years old or more can be completely recycled at the end of its service life as well. Can a tar and gravel roof say that?


All of our roofs conserve energy and save money, they have extended service lives designed right into each of our systems and they reduce or even eliminate waste altogether. Most importantly, all of the above can be achieved at a cost comparable to more traditional roofing systems. Simply put, an Eco-Tech roof will not only make no impact on the environment. It will make no impact on you at all.

all eco-tech roofing systems are 100% recyclable and safer for the environment than typical tar and gravel applications since nothing is removed from the roof and discarded in a landfill.